Schools we work with

Bishopsgate School, Surrey

LAMDA classes on Thursdays - Price £90 per 10 lessons

Lunchtime Drama Club for Years 3 and 4 - Thursdays at 1pm - Price = £60 per term

Afterschool Drama Club for Years 5 to 8 - Thursdays at 4.30pm til 5.30pm - Price = £65 per term


Papplewick School, Ascot

LAMDA classes on Tuesdays - £90 for 10 lessons per term

Junior Musical Theatre - 5.15 til 6.15pm - Years 3-5 - £65 for 10 sessions per term

Senior Musical Theatre - 6.45 til 7.30pm - Years 6-8 - £65 for 10 sessions per term


St Neots Preparatory School, Hampshire

LAMDA classes on Thursdays - Price = £90 per 10 lessons

Afterschool Drama Club for Years 3 and 4 - Thursdays at 4pm till 5pm - Price = £65 per 10 sessions

Afterschool Drama Club for Years 5 to 8 - Thursdays at 5pm till 6pm - Price = £65 per 10 sessions


St Pirans School, Maidenhead

LAMDA classes on Mondays - Price = £90 per 10 lessons


Wellington College

We Provide LAMDA to Wellington College. Enrolment is through the school office


BTC in Schools

LAMDA Lessons within your school

We offer peripatetic LAMDA and drama lessons within your school to suit your performance needs. LAMDA classes provide an opportunity for those interested in speech and drama to take recognised exams at various levels, and come away with formal certification. Eventually, these qualifications can earn points on the UCAS system as well as aiding those interested in applying for vocational performance courses.

The grades we receive in all schools are exceptionally high with several students passing the exam with a 100% result. To gain 100% in a LAMDA exam is extremely rare and we are proud that our standards of teaching and learning can bring out the best in our pupils in order to gain these fantastic results. Most of our students gain Merits and Distinctions. We were rewarded our highest result in 2018 with over 10 students gaining 100%.

About LAMDA exams
LAMDA's communication examinations provide the opportunity to develop a clear speaking voice, positive body language and self-confidence by exploring different uses of spoken English.
LAMDA's performance examinations use drama to develop self-confidence, physical presence and a strong speaking voice. LAMDA Graded Examinations in Performance: Acting are designed to develop the skills necessary to communicate dramatic text to an audience.
Students who prepare themselves appropriately will develop:
1 Interpretative skills - Explore style, form, character, subtext and context in order to realise the specific demands of the text, engage with character and situation in order to create a sense of reality.
2 Technical skills - Develop skills in voice, diction and movement.
3 Knowledge of the performance process.

Help with your school productions
Do you need help with your school productions?
We can offer a confident and dynamic team which can help with your school productions. We can provide staff to work on the acting, staging, singing and choreography, along with helping gain the license for productions and costumes.

Drama Clubs
With our highly experienced teachers, we offer drama clubs to all schools as after school or lunchtime activities. Here we can build up your childs' confidence and offer a course of fun drama activities that help to bring out the confidence in your child involving workshops in improvisation, confidence building, group work, individual speech skills, staging and script work whilst nurturing young talent and providing a support for the arts within the school.




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